So Slick

We're making progress. The bottom has been refastened, the screw holes plugged and sanded smooth, a coat of bottom paint applied and Slick Seam squished into the open seams awaiting a second coat of bottom paint. The goal is to have the Slick Seam slow down the intrusion of water when the boat is refloated until the the planks can swell, or "take up" again. That could take a few days. Slick Seam is a wonderful invention. It is a wax-based compound that will stay soft and pliable, unlike traditional seam compound that can dry hard and put undue pressure on planks when they reswell. The real proof of its effectiveness will show when the boat is hauled again and the Slick Seam has squeezed out of the seams! The topsides have been pre-coated and are ready for additional fairing and finish coats of semi-gloss white paint. Stay tuned.


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