Deer Harbor Cruise Highlights

For the last several years one of the high points of our summer has been to attend the Annual Deer Harbor Wooden Boat Rendezvous on Orcas Island. It's a laid back affair in a cozy location and attracts a nice mix of old wooden vessels large and small, sail, power, converted fishing boats and ex-work boats. The sponsors, the Wooden Boat Society of the San Juan Islands, put on a great event with dinghy races, sailboat races, and a barbecue at Deer Harbor Boatworks that includes fresh grilled salmon, locally grown vegetables, locally brewed beers and wine and live music. Though it rained a little this year, mostly it was at night. We had nice afternoons and a couple of spectacular sunsets. Our most direct route to Deer Harbor from our slip in Everett takes us through Deception Pass separating Whidbey and Fidalgo Islands. Catching a slack tide under the bridge usually means hanging out for a quiet afternoon and overnight in Cornet Bay. Our return trip had us nervous about the fog, but the curtain lifted just in time and we slipped  through right at slack water.

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The bluest sky you've ever seen? 

The Susan H anchored in Cornet Bay

Jonathan Livingston I presume

Deception Island

Mike Douglas ghosting in his IC one-design near West Sound

The schooner Zodiac, maybe? 

12th Annual Deer Harbor Wooden Boat Rendezvous Sep 2-4, 2013

Nice moustache by Brion Toss


Pia, a Danish Spidsgatter along side Vito Dumas, a Manuel Campos double-ender built in Argentina

B.C. Forestry vessel, Tamarack



Captain and Tenille?


All bunched up with no get up and go

South Pacific veteran SV Emily

 "Bucket of rain"

Wander's bell

Monk, MV Thelonious

Pinuela Bomba

Little Toot

Slocum's Spray replica, Joshua

That's a busy bowsprit


Nice deadeye. Can you smell the pine tar?

Off to the races

Hardy bunch of daisies survived ten days

Alex on Vito Dumas

Scottish fiddler Brandon Vance & Mark Minkler at Deer Harbor Boatworks

Aah, life growing up in the country! 

Monterey fishing boat

Where'd everybody go?

Reflective art

"Chain, chain, chain"

Get out the ShamWow!

Choke cherries


The letter "I" 


It's a bird! No it's a plane!

Deer Harbor sunset

Say cheese!

.   .   .

Sum kinda jellyfish

This is NOT my fuel bill!!

Lefty loosey, righty tighty? 

Cutty Sark heads into the fog crossing Rosario Strait

The fog lifted her skirts just in time for slack water

Sum kinda white goose, Cornet Bay

Wander, Cornet Bay

10 lbs. of smelt per day is a lotta "pish to pry" 

Tahiti Ketch fixer-upper

 "Ladderville", Camano Island

Last but not least. The 119' super yacht Diamond in Everett. She cruises at 44kts and tops out at 50! And hey, she's for sale for a mere €13,150,000!! Check out the interior photos here:

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