The Trouble with Attics

Or attic rooms as it were. They can hide all sorts of things. We recently went through the tedious process of cleaning out a room in our house that we use for storage. You know, that room that holds stuff you don't know what else to do with, so you "just chuck it in the store room." It starts out as a nice, neatly-organized room, but over time it collects more and more stuff. Stuff that you're just "sure you're going to need someday." Until it gets to the point that you can barely close the door. Then you know it's time to do something. So one by one out came boxes and boxes of stuff until our room was empty and the rest of the house looked like a bomb went off. One by one we went through each and every box, sorting the contents into three piles. One pile to keep, one pile to donate to the thrift store and one pile to toss. Eventually, the "keepers" went back in with new labels on the boxes and the room is nice and neat once again. Two-thirds of the original stuff is gone forever! Meanwhile, we have not only relived much of our own childhoods, but also our kids' childhoods and parts of lives from past generations of family. Along the way we also found some real gems! Such as this copy of a tyee magazine from my University of Washington dayz.

1968 tyee coverDSC04129.jpg

The Cover Story

In 1968, one of my roommates, Don Whitson, was the art director for the tyee, a campus magazine published fall, winter and spring quarters. Bob Hinz who was the editor, asked Don to create a cover illustration for the spring issue. Don enlisted my help and from somewhere came the "brilliant idea" to body paint a naked model. Why not!? After developing the concept, Harald Sund, staff photographer, got the help from a commercial-photographer-friend Steve Marts who had a warehouse studio in downtown Seattle. Someone made arrangements with Trish Polito to be the model and on a Saturday morning (I vaguely remember hangovers) we proceeded to go where none of us had gone before. Or since.

tyee cover storyDSC04139.jpg

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